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29 Sep 2015

Landscape photo

My preferred landscape in Norheimsund. Just a landscape photo.

Every time I drive to Norheimsund, I take the photo in this place. Some are good, some are bad. This one from the sunny day, I hope You will like. 

Norheimsund lanscape photo.


26 Sep 2015

Dark mood in Bergen

Dark and rainy days in Bergen. Dark mood.


15 Jun 2015

Natural beauty

Still cold, but with sometimes blue sky and sun, this one, beauty is from short trip to Haganes


17 Oct 2014

Have a nice weekend.

One more picture from the trip to Bjørndalen



15 Oct 2014


Back on the Hardangerfjord. Omaholmen island, wide view.



14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014

Yellow – red under the blue.

From today`s beauty autumn day in Indre Arna.

Indre Arna