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09 Dec 2016

One summer day in Hardanger

It was a beautiful one summer day in Hardanger

I love Hardanger, I love the road to Hardanger from Bergen. Many times in summer I visit this beauty p[art of Norway. Also in autumn time is worth to visit it. This is the apple region. Always along the road are the places where is possible to bay apples, or other fruits, or the apple juice. Nice to try fresh fruits here with the view on Hardangerfjord and clean, fresh air. On the road between Bergen and Norheimsund, is many places obligatory to stop and enjoy. Even if I was there many times. The two most important is the two waterfalls. The first – Fossenbratte and the second one – Steinsdalsfossen. Both are beautiful. About two years ago close the second one was built the new parking and modern building for Tourist information. I photograph this building many times but never had time to present it. So, on todays photo from one summer day in Hardanger I present the picture of the second waterfall Steinsdalsfoseen taken through the panoramic window on it. This scene I photograph also many times, but this one I think is the good enough to present for You. I hope You will like it.

Because is Friday evening I wish you all to have nice time all around the world.

One summer day in Hardanger

06 Oct 2016

Between autumn and winter

Between autumn and winter in Hardanger.

I love Hardanger and Hardangerfjord. Many amazing places along it. Few of them I alredy show you here on my blog, many other still waiting for my visit. Because Hardanger is the Norwegian fruit center, in autumn season along the roads is many places with stands to bay fruits, straight from the orchard. Fantastic apples and pears. It is one of many reason why I always, every year drive through Hardanger. The picture below was taken on one of that place. I thought it is nice composition. The bus stop with the trees already colored by autumn and the Folgefonna glacier on the mountains on other side Hardangerfjord. So any question, why I like it? Between autumn and winter.

Between autumn and winter


22 Aug 2016

Kinsarvik valley

I am not sure the name, Kinsa valley or Kinsarvik valley. Who knows, who help me?

Like I wrote it few days ago, I have to write something about Kinsarvik. Small little town, beautiful place for tourists. Big camping in the city, lot of hotels, hostels and private rooms for rent. Quiet, good place. The most beautiful waiting few kilometers far. Everyone can reach the old power plant and the first waterfall. Is the easy part of walk. Some other can reach the second waterfall, but only the most perserve could reach all four waterfalls during the river Kinso. From the second one starts the path through the forest, and is not easy. I reach the third one, only. So starting from the first it is Tveitafossen with the building of an old power plant. The second one waterfall it is Nyastolfossen. The third, big one it is Nykkjesøyfossen, and higher and far is the last one, Søtefossen. Magical hike between the all waterfalls is worth to recommend. I was so surprised. Of course the water flows downward from the Hardangervidda National Park and is crystal clean and so cold. Nice tip for the weekend trip if you are in Hordaland. This is the Kinsarvik valley, (or Kinsa Valley).

I hope this short description can encourage someone to visit this place. I hope and I wish you all to have a good time.

The first picture show the first waterfall Tveitafossen

Kinsarvik valley waterfalls

The second picture shows probably the last two waterfalls. It looks like one big, but is only illusion

Kinsarvik valley waterfalls

So, if you read this text it means my blog is useful for You. I have a question for You all. Is there some place in Norway which you want to see on my pictures here?

It is important for me, please write some comments below with the destinations you want to see.

21 Aug 2016

Low clouds

Morning walk in Kinsarvik. Low clouds

This weekend I spent in photographic paradise. Loedalen and Oldedalen. I hope during this week I will show you the pictures. Today I still explore my vacation trips. Another one picture from Kinsarvik. I hopr You will like it.

Low clouds


18 Aug 2016


Another one nice place in Hardanger – Kinsarvik

Small nice touristic place in Hardanger, tomorrow I will write little bit more bout it. Today just one nice shot from evening in Kinsarvik. Have a nice time everywhere you are now.


17 Aug 2016

Mountain farm

Mountain farm – Kjeåsen

When I visit some places I like to know what is around. Sometimes I use Google or Google Maps, sometimes I drive through the road around this place. I can get Eidfjord only driving road 7, from Bergen or from Oslo. In Eidfjord is only one small road to the Sima Power Plant. When I passed it, I found the small road up. The road sign say, I can drive up only every one hour starting from 8 am. Driving down only half past every hour. So, it was interesting. The first kilometer is the mountain serpentine like everywhere in mountain. The rest of this road runs through the tunnel like from dark horror. Tunnel looks like hollow by the hummers. Is narrow and low and with low lights. Horrible. This was the reason why I can drive up exactly in time, because  the cars can not pass in tunnel.

After tunnel is small parking and some path. The path runs through the private property to the small view point on 530 meters over the small Simadalsfjord. Beautiful view on the small mountain farm Kjeåsen, and the fjord and even on the Eidfjord harbor. In the same time in harbor was berthed cruise ship Aida Sol. From here looks like a small toy. Enjoy the view and have a nice evening.

Mountain farm - Kjeåsen Mountain farm - Kjeåsen Mountain farm - Kjeåsen

16 Aug 2016

Hardangerfjord under clouds

Like you know I love that kind of weather, Hardangerfjord under clouds

This is the weather which add the amazing powerful view to the Norwegian landscape. Of course fjords are nice in sunny weather, in sunrise or sunshine, but under clouds fjords are powerful. Because I am photographer and I am member of many photographic groups on Facebook and Instagram, every one day I watch the beautiful pictures from Norway. Full of sun, amazing, colorful but I do not feel it. When comes the clouds fjord scenery became mystical. And this is what I love. Here is some picture from the trip to Eidfjord. View on Hardangerfjord under clouds from its end.

Hardangerfjord under clouds

15 Aug 2016


My last vacation trip – Eidfjord

I love this place. Small town at the end of fantastic Hardangerfjord. Close to the one of the most beauty waterfall in Norway. Surrounded by the high mountains. Paradise. The town is small and when arrive the big cruise ship, tourist are everywher and the have nothing to do here. Of course around Eidfjord is so much places worth to see it, but it requite time. It is so nice to take some trip over mountains, drive to the Voringfossen waterfall, drive to Sima Power Plant or Kjeåsen. Of course for some who want and who want to spent crazy amount of money. Par example – bus ride through the road 7 from Eidfjord to view point over Varinfossen waterfall (circa 40minuts, maybe 1 hour) cost 35 Euro (350NOK) per person and minimum 8 persons. So, maybe I am this one who think every attraction are free, but when I drive to some place I collect all the information from internet and I know what, where and how. What You do, what kind of tourist You are….?

On the picture is some mountain view from the road 7 and cruise ship Aida Sol in the Eidfjord harbor.

Eidfjord Eidfjord Eidfjord

05 Jun 2016

Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park. It is the third largest ice cup in Norway.

Folgefonna National Park

The maximum layer of snow is around 300 to 400 meters. The National Park covers an area of 545 square kilometers. The glacier cover an area of 168 square kilometers.

Crazy road up. 11 kilometers of narrow road with hundreds of curves and serpentine’s. Some difficult moments is pass the cars from opposite direction. But I like to drive roads like this one.

Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park

Down in Jondal was around 30 degrees and green, like in June, From half of the road up the temperature fall dawn to 15 degrees and the scenery change to winter mood. In some places 5 – 6 meters walls of snow, in some other the mountain flowers. Incredible.

Folgefonna National Park

The top is a heaven for ski. All seasons ski. We were not ready to try, but many people around looks so happy. Ski lift works non stop.

Folgefonna National Park

After some food, we take a look around, and this is the point for me like a photographer. The view in every direction is breathtaking. High mountain with big stain of snow, still frozen lakes, natural waterfalls and the spring/summer life (moss, flowers, grass) in between. Amazing experience. The whole water from the melting snow and glacier flows down to the post glacier lakes Dravladalsvatnet and Vassdalsvatnet. The second one is situated lower in already warm and green area.

Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park is so much worth to recommend like the place to visit. For skiers, for photographers, for everyone who want to experience the #microadventure. Jondal with many places to sleep is waiting for You too.

Folgefonna National Park

Time from Bergen – two hours drive, including the ferry between Tørvikbygd and Jondal.

From Jondal is 19 kilometers straight to the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort.

Many paths to take walk is around, but this time was to early to try, still too much snow.

I hope some of You will try it…. Folgefonna National Park


25 Feb 2016

Hardangerfjord and clouds

Hardangerfjord and clouds. This is what I love most in this country.

I am never bored to watch the sky. I call it The Kingdom of Clouds.

Hardangerfjord under clouds