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15 Oct 2017

Bergen by night

I am so happy to present one of the best Bergen by night photo, I saw in the last time.

It is a pleasure to introduce my Instagram friend @prudenceinst

I like almost all photos taken by Magnar, and i think you should visit his Instagram account. His beautiful and worked out in details pictures make me a little sad, because I am always on the run and I do not have a time to create.

“Don’t just take a photo – create it – in your camera” – this is the quote he wrote in account description.

So, I am so proud to be even social media friend of Magnar.

Long exposure photo Bergen by night is presented here with permission from the author, enjoy it and visit his account for more beauty pictures.

Thank you @prudenceinst

Bergen by night by @prudenceinst

Bergen by night by @prudenceinst

29 Sep 2016
28 Sep 2016

Colorful Bergen

Colorful Bergen, some part of Sandviken

On one of my walk through the mountains around Bergen I found the signpost to the Sandviken Battery.After long walk I was little tired, but also so interesting. It was not so difficult to attain it. The battery was not so nice, but the view from it, wow, amazing. Wide view for the Bergen`s fjord, Byfjorden, for the bridge to Askøy and many parts of city Bergen. Also for all the mountains around. I had the time to try the view from all possible and impossible places. Unfortunately the weather was not good for taking the picture. Ok, I have many pictures but it requite time to prepare it to show. Because now start the rainy period I think I find the time to do it right and to show you more nice views. This is one, was easy to prepare because it not including the sky, and the difficult light. It shows some part of Sandviken with the few colored buildings which are visible only from the water side. I like this part of Bergen. I like the old, renovated wooden buildings on the seaside. So, this is my colorful Bergen, enjoy it and have a good time.

Colorful Bergen

27 Sep 2016
25 Sep 2016
24 Sep 2016

Autumn trees

Some from many Autumn trees in Eksingedalen

That was amazing walk through the Eksingedalen. Warm, sunny, little clouds and so many objects to take a photo. The autumn trees looks fine with the sky in background. Do you think so? I love the clean mood on this picture. Many good greetings to all of you.

Because I decide to change my Instagram account to the Gallery for Scandinavia Lovers, I want to invite you all to watch it – @everydaybergen

Everyday dose of picture taken in Scandinavia by many good photographers or only people with passion. At this moment our group including 12 persons and I still look for new. Some of the picture I present here on blog, but I cannot share this posts with link to Instagram. If I try the picture does not load. I work on it, but probably I will need help from more experienced people. Maybe some from You could help with this problem.

Autumn trees

22 Sep 2016

Instagram gallery for scandinavia lovers #1