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11 May 2017

Still living wrecks

Some shot from walk in Alvøen, still living wrecks

I never saw any of this ship flowing somewhere. I still see it staying here in the small Alvøen harbor. Ugly and sad but beauty. It belongs to different time. I photographed it many times and now I think the picture is enough nice to present. Whole Alvøen looks old and it is so nice to see old houses still in good condition. People trying to make his houses nice. The old Alvøen factory is now the office center and also looks good. But the ships looks like straight before the end. I hope some day to see someone who will try revitalize it. Still living wrecks.

The spring time is the most busy time for me, so I do not have time to take new pictures. Even in the evening time in home I have no power to write something.

Still living wrecks


07 May 2017

Hardanger in one beauty day in May

This was in Saturday, Hardanger in one beauty day in May.

After few sunny days, this weekend we have a summer. Yesterday my car show 23 degrees in the Odda valley. Amazing sunny day, fantastic for the trip. Seeing Hardanger still between the winter and summer was so beauty. Now I have many pictures to show in the next few posts. Hardanger in one beauty day in May.

So, below is one picture taken on the road to Odda. I love this view with the snow on top and the first green signs and meadows. Enjoy this view and wait for more, soon.

Hardanger in one beauty day in May

23 Apr 2017

Mountain power

Mountain power

I really like to watch the clouds on the top of mountain. Do You also?

Mountains are dangerous in every kind of weather. Mountain are for the people with imagination. Norwegian mountains are not so high. The highest one is only 2469 m. But in combination with the specific west Norwegian weather gives unforgettable views. Mostly cloudy and wet weather with the clouds wrapped around tops shows the mountain power. Blue and clean sky is so bored, but walking through the mountains and hills and watching the always changing views is big pleasure. For me of course. I love it. I love the mountain power. The picture below was taken in Gudvangen on the last trip. It was taken from the bottom of the Gudvangen valley.

I hope you will like both of them, the color and black and white.

Have a nice Sunday…

Mountain power

Mountain power

21 Apr 2017

Under construction before the season

Viking village under construction before the season.

Like I wrote it last time, here comes the next tourist attraction – Viking village replica. Now before the season it is under construction. But I love the view on the Gudvangen valley from this side. Many season signs on this one picture. Snow on the top of mountain, construction in the middle of the valley and colorful kayak rental square almost ready for the visitors. On this picture and on the one from last post I love the color element which break the view.

So, enjoy the next nice view from Gudvangen under construction before the season.

Under construction before the season

20 Apr 2017

Visiting Gudvangen

Visiting Gudvangen is always pleasure.

It was a nice, sunny and warm second day of Easter. But is still dangerous to visit some place in Norway, even here in Hordaland. Better do not try before middle of May. Fortunately Aurland is places close to the main road and is available whole year. It is one of the place I like to visit.

It is a small village, where people change the tour buses to cruise ships to enjoy the beauty of Nærøyfjorden. One of the most beautiful place on Earth. Probably the local government want to keep the people little bit longer, they decide to build some replica of Viking village. It will be nice, but now it is under construction. I am not sure when it will be available. I think it is good idea. It was so sad to watch on this village, which looks like abandoned and the biggest and living place was the big parking for the tour buses.

Another attraction is Kayak rental. I will try this summer to rent the kayak and enjoy the beauty fjord by myself. Visiting Gudvangen is always big pleasure for me.

Like you may see on the picture below, there is still lot of snow in the mountain.

Visiting Gudvangen

02 Apr 2017

Another wet spring morning

It was just another wet spring morning today.

The spring is lazy. Like I see on other pictures, in continental Europe is already spring time. Here in west Scandinavia is different. The beginning was snowy. Almost whole winter was without snow, the spring comes with some. Rainy, cloudy, snowy. The nature around slowly changing the colors.

Today`s morning was foggy. Because I like taking pictures in the foggy time, I was take some walk around Storavatnet lake. Silent around. Only the water drops falling down. Nice scenery to begin the new photographic season. Another wet spring morning.

Probably like everyone else, on the beginning I took pictures like crazy. I photographed everything around. My hard disc space was full of RAW file never used. So, this winter time I reserved time for myself to browse it all and delete almost everything. Difficult decision. Now I have a lot of space for the new pictures. And now I try to take a look around and find the best moment and best view and take just one or two pictures instead 20 or 30.

And here is one from this morning. I like the stone in the foreground, and the fog in background. I hope You will like it too.

Have a nice time, tomorrow is Monday again…

Another wet spring morning

06 Oct 2016

Between autumn and winter

Between autumn and winter in Hardanger.

I love Hardanger and Hardangerfjord. Many amazing places along it. Few of them I alredy show you here on my blog, many other still waiting for my visit. Because Hardanger is the Norwegian fruit center, in autumn season along the roads is many places with stands to bay fruits, straight from the orchard. Fantastic apples and pears. It is one of many reason why I always, every year drive through Hardanger. The picture below was taken on one of that place. I thought it is nice composition. The bus stop with the trees already colored by autumn and the Folgefonna glacier on the mountains on other side Hardangerfjord. So any question, why I like it? Between autumn and winter.

Between autumn and winter


27 Sep 2016

Last view

This is the last view on the amazing valley

After long walk through the amazing Eksingedalen valley, now little break in car. And because I do not like to sit, I jumped a little on the big stones in the stream. This is some shot at the end including the stream, stones, some trees on the stones and the rest of the valley. I think is nice shot. What do you think about it?  Last view on the valley.

last view

25 Sep 2016

Rock formation

One of my big fascination, rock formation

I am so lucky I live in country like Norway. I have it everywhere around. Some of it are so fascinating. Some just nice but ordinary. When I discover some place like this it attracts me like a magnet. I hope some of you know how it is sit and contemplate it. Watching how the changing light change the view. How different it looks in different kind of light. When the light is strong give it the contrast, when is soft make it blur.

Watching it I always think about the millions of years the rock formation still stay and still changing. I think about whole people across the centuries which watch it. I think about many other eternity things. It clean me, it give me more power and it makes me small.

Did you ever feel the same watching on something. Of course for everyone this is different thing, different fascination. Some day I have to write why I love the mountains at all. Why I love the mountains with water in between. Why Norway is the country exactly for me.

This is my new fascination, the rock formation from Eksingedalen

Rock formation

24 Sep 2016

Autumn trees

Some from many Autumn trees in Eksingedalen

That was amazing walk through the Eksingedalen. Warm, sunny, little clouds and so many objects to take a photo. The autumn trees looks fine with the sky in background. Do you think so? I love the clean mood on this picture. Many good greetings to all of you.

Because I decide to change my Instagram account to the Gallery for Scandinavia Lovers, I want to invite you all to watch it – @everydaybergen

Everyday dose of picture taken in Scandinavia by many good photographers or only people with passion. At this moment our group including 12 persons and I still look for new. Some of the picture I present here on blog, but I cannot share this posts with link to Instagram. If I try the picture does not load. I work on it, but probably I will need help from more experienced people. Maybe some from You could help with this problem.

Autumn trees