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10 Jun 2016

Puddles and rocks. 02. Reflection in puddle

Puddles and rocks. 02. Reflection in puddle. The second part of my new mini series.

It is always nice to discover some nice place between the rocks. Small brown puddle with the flowers. Amazing how the life seizes every possible place to survive. Picture taken on Sotra few days ago.

Puddles and rocks. 02. Reflection in puddle

05 Jun 2016

Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park. It is the third largest ice cup in Norway.

Folgefonna National Park

The maximum layer of snow is around 300 to 400 meters. The National Park covers an area of 545 square kilometers. The glacier cover an area of 168 square kilometers.

Crazy road up. 11 kilometers of narrow road with hundreds of curves and serpentine’s. Some difficult moments is pass the cars from opposite direction. But I like to drive roads like this one.

Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park

Down in Jondal was around 30 degrees and green, like in June, From half of the road up the temperature fall dawn to 15 degrees and the scenery change to winter mood. In some places 5 – 6 meters walls of snow, in some other the mountain flowers. Incredible.

Folgefonna National Park

The top is a heaven for ski. All seasons ski. We were not ready to try, but many people around looks so happy. Ski lift works non stop.

Folgefonna National Park

After some food, we take a look around, and this is the point for me like a photographer. The view in every direction is breathtaking. High mountain with big stain of snow, still frozen lakes, natural waterfalls and the spring/summer life (moss, flowers, grass) in between. Amazing experience. The whole water from the melting snow and glacier flows down to the post glacier lakes Dravladalsvatnet and Vassdalsvatnet. The second one is situated lower in already warm and green area.

Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park is so much worth to recommend like the place to visit. For skiers, for photographers, for everyone who want to experience the #microadventure. Jondal with many places to sleep is waiting for You too.

Folgefonna National Park

Time from Bergen – two hours drive, including the ferry between Tørvikbygd and Jondal.

From Jondal is 19 kilometers straight to the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort.

Many paths to take walk is around, but this time was to early to try, still too much snow.

I hope some of You will try it…. Folgefonna National Park


25 May 2016


Herdlevær, small nice place and island on Sotra.

Herdlevær and Skogsøyna, two islands I love so much. Only few houses and kilometers of walking paths. View for the ocean and many small island. Good for nice and bad days both. I think this summer I will visit it more time, I hope. Is still many places to explore. The last trip I finished on the top of Skogsøytua, but I saw many nice places far around. So this is one picture from taken at the beginning of my last trip.


22 May 2016

Skogsøytua, Øygarden

This weekend #microadventure – Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Like almost every week I organized #microadventure trip. Because this is already my state of mind and I can not live without it. Even if the weather is not perfect. In Saturday was cloudy, windy and wet. Sotra is close to me and I love It. Many times I drove across looking for some new places to visit. Few times before I visited Hardlevær. After analyzing Google Maps, this time I decide to take a walk through the Skogsøytua, Øygarden. Looks interesting. The trip start through the gate to the pasture and in many places runs the wooden platform because is so many water. More than half part of the path is nothing interesting. But the last 2 kilometers before The Skogsøytua is feast for eyes. Combination of rocks and grass. Many small paddles between, some bigger around the top. This is not high top. It is only 49 meters, but it is exactly at the sea shore. From the top is amazing view on the hundreds of small island. Yes, hundreds of small rock pieces smashing the ocean waves. Much more beautiful and amazing view in windy day. So many possibilities to continue the walk through the rocks even a far to the sea. From start to the top of Skogsøytua it is only 2 and half kilometers. Easy level, for everyone. I met also family with small children. Distance from Bergen 43 kilometers. I think is worth to try it some day. Like all my visitors know, I love the lonely trips through the Sotra rocks, I love to watch the ocean and the sky over it. Always something interesting. And this is the reason why I recommend it like the weekend #microadventure. Because it is easy, it may be also possibility to take this walk with someone interesting and make a conversation.

Bench of the top Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Many helping wooden platform and stairs. Skogsøytua, Øygarden

Puddle around the top The view 1. Skogsøytua, Øygarden The view 2. Skogsøytua, Øygarden

14 May 2016

Mofjorden #microadventure

Today`s #microadventures – view on Mofjorden.

So easy way from parking. The path and the signs visible so nice. Around 40 minutes from parking to the top of Slottet. This is a rock formation relative to Preikestolen close to Stavanger. Slottet is smaller, much smaller, only 200 meters over the Mofjorden. 200 mters vertical rock. You may imagine yourself how beautiful view is from the top. Yes, you can imagine and you can help your imagination – below is the view on Mofjorden direct to Modalen. One and half hour then and back. Easy and relaxing. After the walk we went to Modalen for some coffee and cake. Like always everything we need to enjoy this #microadventure trip was the petrol and bottle of water. Modalen is around 100 kilometers from Bergen, weather was so nice to drive. Driving to Modalen we always admire the view of masive mountains at the north side of Osterøy. Whole road is a scenic. Two nice bridges, few waterfalls and always nice, typical Scandinavian views.

View from the path, Mofjorden

We like it, we love it, we need it. #microadventure is only the state of mind.

Slottet top and the small view on Mofjorden

And at the end the whole view on Mofjorden. Like You see the weather was beauty and enough good to take nice pictures.


If You like what I show and describe do not forget to leave comment below. Have a nice day All

12 May 2016

Middle of May

This is Middle of May, in the mountains between Bergen and Voss.

Hard work to make a path to the cabin. It is still around half meter of snow.

Middle of May

12 May 2016


Some view from road down to the Evangervatnet.

Little painting effect added.


10 May 2016

Bjørgås, Hordaland

Another one picture from the trip to Evanger. Bjørgås, Hordaland

Bjørgås, Hordaland

09 May 2016

Spring signs 2016

That was a busy weekend with trip in search of spring signs in high mountains

In Bergen, the spring is beautiful, last two days we have had the temperatures around 20 degrees and strong sun. Now everything is green and start blooms. But when I take a look around for the surrounding mountains, there are still lot of snow. And I wanted to know how it looks closer. Nice and quiet Evanger give me a food for the trip. I like the Evanger bakery. Then I drove up over the Evanger, and start my walk up through the technical road. It is not so scenic road, but after the winter time I need to exercise my legs again, and walk up is so good for it. Few forgotten cabins and no signs of people activity. With every step up was  colder and more snow. At the end of the road looks like in the middle of  winter. The picture below shows some moment from the way down. You may see the other mountains tops around is still under the snow too. Spring signs, yes of course, everything melt and flow down.  #microadventure #evanger #everydaybergen

Spring signs

08 May 2016

Post card from Hordaland

My post card from Hordaland to all of You. Thank You for visiting my blog.

Post card from Hordaland