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08 May 2016

Dark cloud

Nothing else, just the dark cloud.

Dark cloud

04 May 2016

Fjord sky

From my trip to Hananipa, Fjord sky. Nice view for today.

Fjord sky

01 May 2016


I did not know that what I did for the last four years, already has its name: Microadventure.

Everyone dreams of a great adventure,but not everyone can afford it. That is the colloquial thinking. Because….. (and here you can enter thousands of reasons). Whereas, the adventure is everywhere around us, and all you need is to look at around and start to do something. Sometimes it costs pennies, sometimes a few euro. I started it because I still needed more new photos to my blog. After four long years I know hundreds nice places around Bergen. This is my pleasure and my knowledge I want to use to write some ebook. I hope it helps someone to move and start his own microadventure.

The blog entries about some places I will marking with hashtag #microdventure, and in the ebook I`ll be expanded it.

What do You think about it? Your answer is important for me.

At the end: here is the author and adventurer Alastair Humphreys –

Just at the beginning, my trip to Hananipa.

Distance from Bergen to Trengereid – 49 km

The difference in altitude from parking place to the top – around 400 meters

Time – 2-3 hours

On the top – tiredness, amazing view on Sørfjorden and Osterøy island including Bruvik

What I need – sandwiches, thermos with coffee, and bottle of water, petrol (6 liters)

Nice tip for first spring adventure

I hope You will like my new idea and if you have some tips please send me it in the comments below. Thank You.

On the picture – view from the way to the top. Sørfjorden

View from Hananipa. #microadventure