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03 Feb 2016

Crazy selfie

Some crazy selfie shooter. Not me.

Still the memories from 2015 summer. It was photograph late summer during the trip to Oddadalen. Because it was rainy time, the waterfall was so strong. This person on the picture after some selfie, now trying to photograph the water under this bridge using the selfie stick. Låtefossen in Oddadalen.

I hopr You have a better weather for evening. Snow, rain, and hail alternately in Bergen

Crazy selfie

23 Dec 2015

Post industrial

Post industrial mood from Odda

There is some sad zone in Odda, I hope it will change soon in to the nice and useful places.

Have a nice evening

After life - the post industrial Odda

22 Dec 2015

From the way

Some shot from the way to Odda

The next bored and rainy day in Bergen. Dark, wet and warm. +10 on the winter beginning. Long time without any new pictures. Maybe the Christmas time will bring better weather, I hope. It is another one picture from archive. Just the picture like hundred others, nothing special, even the light is bad, but I have upload something and here it is.

On the road to Odda

12 Dec 2015

Reflection from Odda Valley

Sunny day reflection from Odda Valley.

Every time when I plan new trip to Odda Valley, I am excited. This is an amazing place. The other name is The Valley Of 7 Waterfalls. Special time is of course in autumn, after few rainy days. The waterfalls are big and look little bit dangerous. The Power.

But there is not only the waterfalls. High mountains around and lazy water in between. Perfect combination to take a really nice pictures. Because the water in this place is not so deep, it is calm on the top. Sun, water, mountains and the reflection. Probably this winter time I will try to take a next trip. I have never been there in winter. Over the city Odda is, on the glacier is the Winter Sport centre. I have to visit it.

Weather was bit better today, but now comes the cold. Frosty.

Have a nice and warm evening.

Reflection from Odda Valley

26 Oct 2015

Odda church

Because it was nice and long trip, I still present more photos. Odda church.

Odda church

25 Oct 2015

Most known Odda view in fall colours

One of the most known Odda view in amazing fall colours. It was a pleasure to see it in natural view.

Odda view

24 Oct 2015

Afternoon in Odda valley

The shadow coming quickly in afternoon time. The last few sun rays.

Odda valley

23 Oct 2015


That was an amazing autumn trip to Odda, everything was perfect. The sun, the light and the weather. From this year it will be one oft the most popular direction for weekend trips. Odda dalen means Odda valley and it is the famous valley of waterfalls.  

Odda valley