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25 Feb 2016

Hardangerfjord and clouds

Hardangerfjord and clouds. This is what I love most in this country.

I am never bored to watch the sky. I call it The Kingdom of Clouds.

Hardangerfjord under clouds

19 Feb 2016

A hole in the sky

From today`s morning. A hole in the sky.

A hole in the sky

08 Feb 2016

Oh my Sotra

Oh my Sotra, I miss it.

Kilometres of stones and water. Free wind. Incredible views on every time of the day. Colours of sunsets. I miss it everything. On the picture is the windy summer sunset photographed in one of my best place to hide, Toft.

Probably we all wait for summertime. Greetings from Bergen

Summer sunset on Sotra

04 Feb 2016

Winter again and again

I thought it is the end, but the winter is coming back again and again.

Looks little bit crazy and dangerous. This is Bergen today. Looks cold, but it isn`t. The clouds coming from the ocean always bring more snow, and create amazingly fantastic views.

Have a nice and snowy evening, tomorrow start weekend!!!!!

Winter again

01 Feb 2016

Stormy sky

Just before the snow storm. Stormy sky over Sotra

Stormy sky

19 Jan 2016

Beautiful day…

Morning in my backyard. Beautiful day began with so sad information about another one rock star is gone

What a sad beginning of this year, almost every day we get the information about another one musician from our generation went to the Heaven`s Orchestra. Sad, sad, sad…

The life is running away,  let`s take another Tequila Sunrise. My next picture, which I think You will like, again


Take it easy #glenfrey


18 Jan 2016

Sky after

The sky over Sotra after the snow storm

This is from today`s afternoon. Because the light was so amazing I have to drive up on some hill to take this view. And it was worth top do it and enjoy it. This is of course only the photo, but original view was so beauty.

Enjoy it with me, I hope everyone have a nice day today, it was Monday.Afternoon sky over Sotra.