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17 Jun 2017

Grey time. Bad weather in Long exposure.

Grey time on Sotra. Bad weather in long exposure.

So, at the end I bought some filters to my camera. I have read little about camera settings and I drove on Sotra to try it in practice. I am not sure it is even visible on this picture, but the camera was set on 30 seconds. Water and sky looks different, but I think I need learn a lot. It was a grey day with strong wind, without rain. Clouds moved fast and with this part of the picture, I am so glad. Not sure about water. Grey time. Bad weather in long exposure.

When I get some practice, I will try to photograph the most beautiful and the ordinary waterfalls from Hordaland. Of course in Long time exposure. And I hope you will like it.

I am busy now before vacation, and it looks like I will be busy even after the vacation. It is also the reason why I do not post for long time. In my archive is a lot of nice pictures from the trip around Balestrand and from few other places I visited in the last time. Some are very nice and I hope they soon be visible here. Thank you to all who still visiting my blog. Thank you to all my friend. I hope you all have a good time now.

Grey time


02 Mar 2017

Spring in Bergen

From yesterday walk, spring in Bergen

Picture taken on the walk through the Sotra. When I start my walk was sunny, nice and warm. Along the walk up to the hills weather change to the really winter., with few centimetres of snow. At the end spring was back. On the picture, the same clouds which bring the snow visible over Bergen. I love to watch the wild sky. Spring in Bergen.

Spring in Bergen

31 Oct 2016

Something red from Sotra

This is what I found in Saturday, something red from Sotra.

I love this red leafs with the piece of rock in background. Do You? Because the bad weather is coming to Bergen, all the autumn colours extinguish. Leafs felled and laying wet on the paths to nowhere. Sad and cold time coming. But I have something red from Sotra.

Something red from Sotra

30 Oct 2016

Admiring the waves

From Saturday on Sotra, admiring the waves.

Yes, I love Toft. Yes, I love Sotra. My special place to admiring the ocean waves. Sometimes, like in this moment everything is in the right place and moment. Even someone at the top of rocks Admiring the waves. For a moment sun gives a little colour, straight come the wave and I was on good position to shot this scene. So, I hope you will like this picture like me. More pictures is is progress. Like always when I have nothing to post I will coming back to my trips and trying to find some beautiful, but forgotten shots. Have a nice evening everywhere around the world.

Picture taken in Toft, Sotra.

Admiring the waves, Toft

29 Oct 2016

Saturday Sotra trip

My Saturday Sotra trip.

The fantastic autumn weather is now gone. Now days are grey and wet. But not so cold. After busy and tired week, today I take the trip on my love Sotra. Today is windy and this was a good time to visit again Toft. Short reminder. Not so far from Toft still exist the rests from the Wave Power Station. I do not know why this project is finished and destroy. But it is amazing place to walk and watch the ocean waves, And to watch how nature take back the terrain. It is one of my best place on Sotra. I feel good in this place. Not so difficult to reach, not so high rocks and beautiful view around. Turøy island on the left side, Ono island and many small islands on right side. And of course the open ocean straight ahead. Like I wrote it was windy today and the waves was so big and nice. Ocean was restless.

On the picture below is the view for two rock hills taken from the road. In the place where you see the wave was situated the Power Station.

Saturday Sotra trip

30 Sep 2016

One more Sotra rock

From one of my trip, one more Sotra rock.

This will be bored if I write it again, I love rocks, rocks formation. Maybe this is one more reason why I love Sotra. Because Sotra is the million small pieces of rock scattered on the ocean. In present time we have technology, bridges, roads through almost all of them. And even now some of them are wild and possible to reach only by boat, some other is only small pieces of rock visible little bit over the water level. I love it all.

On the picture is one more Sotra Rock, with greetings to all of you. Have a good Saturday.

One more Sotra rock

15 Sep 2016

Story behind doors

Story behind doors. I am sure some is inside.

Even the trivial one, but it is. If the doors looks like this one, must have a lot of years. Places like this one steadily wanes. Everything change. Contemporaneity wipes out the old. Everywhere I am on my trips around, I am looking for places like this. I like it. After my five years adventure with photography, now I have many pictures taken in place no longer exist. Sometimes is sad, sometimes no. Have a good and nice evening.

This was taken somewhere on Sotra, and it still exist.

Story behind doors

14 Sep 2016

Quiet evening on Sotra

Yesterday quiet evening on Sotra.

It was amazingly beautiful day, nice and warm. Even hot. probably it is the Indian Summer here in Bergen. Whole day was nice, but evening was amazing. We take a short trip on Sotra and we find best place to watch sunset. Turøy, not so high hill with beautiful view. Many other people choose the same location for yesterdays evening. around 20 degree light breeze and the View. Another good and quiet evening on Sotra.

Quiet evening on Sotra

26 Jun 2016

I love Sotra landscape

If You still do not know why I love Sotra landscape…

Kilometers of rocks and small water reservoirs mixed with tongue of North Sea. And again, and again. Somewhere some boat houses, red white, yellow… Some of them completely rotten, some new. Forgotten boats and beautiful sailing boat. Unexpected small forests and naked rocks. Hills overgrown by heather with amazing view on a thousands of small rocks islands around.Typically Norway, yes I think so. And moreover someone like me, who like walking alone and watching to every whole and on every stone. This is me and My Sotra. I love Sotra landscape.

And of course my passion. My photography passion. One of my camera are always in the car. Whenever I go it is always with me. Because after every curve is something interesting to take the photo. The same when I am on Sotra. Sometimes it is so difficult walking with the camera through the rocks, jumping, climbing but the picture are the most important thing. Sometimes I do not believe, almost five years with the cameras in hand. I am so sure the next few will be similar.

Because is little rainy today, I spend whole day in home, thinking about why I love this country, this landscape, why I feel so good living here. At the end of the day the list is full of positives.

After few days I will start my dream journey to Lofoten. Long journey through almost whole Norway. And I think when I`ll be back, my list of reason why I love this place will be much longer. The whole journey will be discribed here on blog and in social media I used. I created the hashtag for it, so if you will want to know more go follow #lofoten2016

Have a nice evening everywhere You are Today

I love Sotra landscape

22 Jun 2016

Solid rock

Just a Solid rock. Straight from Sotra. For You.

Solid rock