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06 Nov 2015

Waterfall in the shadow

Just a few meters from the place presented yesterday, and new surprise. Beautiful covered by shadow small waterfall. Flatkvålfosen. I even did not know the small waterfalls like this have a names. But this one have it.

Waterfall in the shadow

05 Nov 2015

Sun again in Eksingedalen

The mountains are lower for a moment and I see the sun again. One more nice place from Eksingedalen. One of that place worth to build the house near and watch it every single day.

Sun Again Eksingedalen

04 Nov 2015

Underwater grass, Eksingedalen

Still in Eksingedalen. I was so surprised when I saw this field of underwater grass. Quiet and nice place with smooth wide flowing water. 

Underwater grass field

03 Nov 2015


Driving ahead by the National Road 344, along the river Ekso (also known like Storelvi), this is Eksingedalen. Ekso river valley. It is not the end of attractions. Just a little nice view. Still far away to Dale. Beautiful Hordaland.



02 Nov 2015

Bergavatnet from other side

The view from the road on the other side of Bergavatnet. Soon the sun will disappeared behind the mountain, light will end, and comes the cold.


01 Nov 2015


Still close to Nesheim. Amazing valley with hundreds of attraction. Long way to Dale, but it takes much more time. I have to stop every few hundreds meters to take a picture. Before us a few waterfalls… This is a view on fall colours around Bergavatnet.


31 Oct 2015

A piece of … Nesheim

Still the same trip. On the top. Small village named Nesheim. If I say beauty it will be lie, this is the paradise. The road is crazy and dangerous. Now I start the long travel between mountain, back to Dale. Beautiful Hardanger.



30 Oct 2015

Piece of sunlight. Around Evanger

This is what I like when I walk through the mountains. When the light play with the shadow. This is special for spring and fall, when the sun is low over the horizon. This was taken around Evanger on some nice and sunny trip.

Light and shadows

28 Oct 2015

Nature calls

The next sunny nice day this fall. But I think it is also one of the last nice days, the rain time coming soon. This is the best time to enjoy some mountain trips. So much nice places waiting. This picture was taken a few days ago somewhere over Evanger, Hordaland. It was my first trip in this place, and I think I`ll be back here in spring. Nature calls.



Nature calls