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01 Nov 2016

Autumn in the park

This is autumn in the park. Nygårdspark Bergen

I wrote about this place few times before. I like it, and I am completely not glad with what I saw last time. At the top of the park hill, close to the Parkveien is some construction. I do not what is it. On the other side of park main road I saw some very old trees cut down. Sad view. I hope they made a place for new trees not for some buildings. This park looks like old, and I do not understand what is going on.

So, this is the picture taken on Sunday`s walk in some old path between the old beautiful trees. And I wish myself to find this place untouched on the next walk. Autumn in the park. Nygårdspark.

Autumn in the park


30 Oct 2016

Admiring the waves

From Saturday on Sotra, admiring the waves.

Yes, I love Toft. Yes, I love Sotra. My special place to admiring the ocean waves. Sometimes, like in this moment everything is in the right place and moment. Even someone at the top of rocks Admiring the waves. For a moment sun gives a little colour, straight come the wave and I was on good position to shot this scene. So, I hope you will like this picture like me. More pictures is is progress. Like always when I have nothing to post I will coming back to my trips and trying to find some beautiful, but forgotten shots. Have a nice evening everywhere around the world.

Picture taken in Toft, Sotra.

Admiring the waves, Toft

29 Oct 2016

Saturday Sotra trip

My Saturday Sotra trip.

The fantastic autumn weather is now gone. Now days are grey and wet. But not so cold. After busy and tired week, today I take the trip on my love Sotra. Today is windy and this was a good time to visit again Toft. Short reminder. Not so far from Toft still exist the rests from the Wave Power Station. I do not know why this project is finished and destroy. But it is amazing place to walk and watch the ocean waves, And to watch how nature take back the terrain. It is one of my best place on Sotra. I feel good in this place. Not so difficult to reach, not so high rocks and beautiful view around. Turøy island on the left side, Ono island and many small islands on right side. And of course the open ocean straight ahead. Like I wrote it was windy today and the waves was so big and nice. Ocean was restless.

On the picture below is the view for two rock hills taken from the road. In the place where you see the wave was situated the Power Station.

Saturday Sotra trip

24 Oct 2016

Mountain cottage

From Myrkdalen, mountain cottage

This is some most photographed motive from Norway. The cottages are everywhere. Many of the on seaside. In the mountains is lot of private cottages, the name in Norwegian is Hytta. For example driving through the Kvamskogen, it is festival of cottages. From small one room inside without water and sometimes even without electricity for the big, similar to the small palaces. Myrkdalen is famous ski place and around the ski roads is hundreds cottages. This are the place I do not like a lot. Driving far, in between the wild mountains, the cottages are placed not often. This one is at the end of this valley, straight before the road start climbing up. I think it looks nice with the autumn colors in backside. I hope you like it too… Mountain cottage

Mountain cottage

22 Oct 2016

Beautiful autumn

This is the beautiful autumn time

Probably everyone who used camera love autumn. There is no better season for taking  beautiful landscape photography. This weekend I am little bit busy, cannot take any trip. I am angry, because I think about all this nice places around me, I think about the view high in the mountain. So, I am not the professional photographer, I do not earn money from this. I am only the passionate with camera and sometimes I have earn some additional money from my job. I hope next weekend will be nice and sunny. Today I present some wider view taken from Gamlehaugen park in Friday. This beautiful place always give me few minutes break. I like to stop here without reason when I drive close it. Like to see some people who have nothing else to do, just walking around park and enjoy the view. So, here it is… beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn


21 Oct 2016

Obligatory place

This is obligatory place in Bergen`s autumn time.

This is Gamlehaugen park. I showed it many times, including the Gamlehaugen palace. One of the biggest accumulation of leafy trees. In the park and along the road on opposite side. On the pictures is this road with young maple trees. The spring is beautiful in whole city, but the autumn/fall is best here. The other nice place, Nygårds Park is little bit dangerous because is the place preferred by the  druggy`s. In evening time I do not feel comfortably, even if I like this place. Gamlehaugen is different, placed little bit outside the city, is quiet and nice. The area around Gamlehaugen named Paradis, is the old part of the city, where lived the richest people. When I have a lot of time to spend, I try to walk along Paradis. Many nice old houses, some are like palaces. But about the park, this is obligatory place for everyone to enjoy the most colorful and nice autumn in Bergen.

Obligatory place, Gamlehaugen Park

19 Oct 2016

Shadow road

Along the beautiful valley, shadow road

Long straight road through the beautiful valley, could you imagine something better? I love it. I like driving road like this. I have to try it in different time, when whole valley is in the sunlight. My road to the dream. Shadow road in Myrkdalen valley.

Shadow road

18 Oct 2016

Mountain colors

From the last trip to Myrkdalen, mountain colors.

I know you like the colors. Me too. It was a nice experience to be in the valley with short autumn light. In autumn and winter many valleys are dark. Because the sun is low and mountains high. But it gives fantastic light and shadow effect for photographers. I like it. Is already little cold in mountains. Ground in Myrkdalen valley was so cold and hard. Yes, winter is coming slowly. Enjoy my view. Mountain colors in Myrkdalen valley.

Mountain colors

17 Oct 2016

Autumn colors in the sun

From my weekend trip, autumn color in the sun.

This weekend trip direction, Myrkdalen. This is the big center of winter sports. I visited it before, when everything is under construction. Yes it looks nice and probably it is nice place to ski. But I am looking for something different, I am looking for nice view and nature and landscape, and I am so surprised with what I found here. It looks like a place I have to visit more times. Today one of the first shot in the end of the valley, before I drive up to the mountains. Enjoy the autumn colors in the sun. Myrkdalen.

Autumn colors in the sun

16 Oct 2016

Driving along Norway

It is pleasure driving along Norway.

I may say it is pleasure and it is dangerous. Pleasure because the view and dangerous because the view. Sounds funny. In many many places the view from the road is so amazing and (even if it`s many places to stop and enjoy the view) in many other places is not possible to stop. I have saved on my map a lot of places I will want to enjoy and photograph, but it is difficult. The shot from the car is not always good enough to present. In some of that palaces I try to take a trip and find good position walking and climbing. Some other are still on my wish list. Probably the life is too short to do it everything. But driving along Norway is so nice. The most annoying is to meet on the road some driver who drive slowly and trying to enjoy the view.

Ok, this is one of the place on the road E16 I wanted to photograph. In the last five years I drove this way around hundred times. Because E16 is the road with big traffic and in this place everybody driving minimum 80 km per hour, the time for reaction is short. This is Osterøy, visible from other side of fjord. This is the wild part of Osterøy island. It looks like long rock wall vertical to the water. It is nice in every season, but like you may see on the picture balow, in autumn time is amazing.

Driving along Norway