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16 May 2018
Gratulerer Med Dagen, Norge

Gratulerer Med Dagen, Norge

Gratulerer Med Dagen, Norge

Tomorrow is the Norway National Day, so I wish all Norwegian and Norway Lovers a really nice day and good celebration time. Gratulerer Med Dagen, Norge

Today`s picture I present in this post was taken on my last trip. It was Utladalen in Øvre Årdal. Beautiful place where everybody will find something exciting. The whole valley including four big waterfalls and few small even without names. The most interesting point is the Vettisfossen. This is the farthest point on the long walking path, and the path is long. it is almost 7,5 kilometers. The last 1,5 kilometers is really difficult, but worth to walk. Along whole valley flows the river Utla. Now in spring season is very strong but beauty with the aquamarine water color.

Vettisfossen is one of the tallest Norwegian waterfall. 275 meters. And is one of the most beautiful waterfall. Last year I visited this place also, but on the crossroad I chose the path to the top of this waterfall. So strong and difficult, also interesting, but it is so dangerous to watch the waterfall from this point. Not easy to see it whole. This time I chose the path to the bottom. And it was amazing experience.The power of spring water even does not let me to come closer. Below this post I put the short movie taken in the closer point. It let you to feel the power.

If you have possibilities to travel across Norway, remember to put this place to your destinations. Utladalen, Øvre Årdal, Sogn og Fjordane county. It is along the Road number 53, close to the Road number 5. Have a good trip.


20 May 2017

Fascinating views. Still in Modalen.

I love Modalen with it fascinating views

It is located around 100 kilometers from Bergen. Not so far like for the Norwegian distances. And it is a real pearl. Even the road to Mo from Romarheim. Almost every one curve gives a different and still fine views. I love the waterfalls. I presented it here before. In this time of the year with melting snow the waterfalls are strong and beauty. On the picture is visible the small one. Geitaskardet. It is this one which gives the special taste for coffee served on the restaurant terrace. With many small clouds on the sky is amazing experience to watch the game of shadow and light on it. On opposite side is located the highest and stronger waterfall. About it I will write later. So, this is one of the fascinating views from the road on Mo in Modalen, small village located in natural paradise.

Fascinating views




09 Dec 2016

One summer day in Hardanger

It was a beautiful one summer day in Hardanger

I love Hardanger, I love the road to Hardanger from Bergen. Many times in summer I visit this beauty p[art of Norway. Also in autumn time is worth to visit it. This is the apple region. Always along the road are the places where is possible to bay apples, or other fruits, or the apple juice. Nice to try fresh fruits here with the view on Hardangerfjord and clean, fresh air. On the road between Bergen and Norheimsund, is many places obligatory to stop and enjoy. Even if I was there many times. The two most important is the two waterfalls. The first – Fossenbratte and the second one – Steinsdalsfossen. Both are beautiful. About two years ago close the second one was built the new parking and modern building for Tourist information. I photograph this building many times but never had time to present it. So, on todays photo from one summer day in Hardanger I present the picture of the second waterfall Steinsdalsfoseen taken through the panoramic window on it. This scene I photograph also many times, but this one I think is the good enough to present for You. I hope You will like it.

Because is Friday evening I wish you all to have nice time all around the world.

One summer day in Hardanger

03 Oct 2016

In the shadow

Fossen Bratte in the shadow

I like this waterfall. Is perfectly visible from the road. Easy to stop and watch. Easy to reach closer. Falling down to the beautiful valley. Fossen Bratte in the shadow. The morning light is limited by the surrounding mountain. Nice effect, but difficult to show on the photography. This is of course one of the first photo taken by my new camera. Now I can write it – I am so, so glad with my choice.

On the picture is Fossen Bratte in the shadow with cloud of fog from the waterfall.

In the shadow

02 Oct 2016
Crazy tourist under Steidalsfossen

Crazy tourist under Steidalsfossen

Movie taken by me on today`s trip to Hardanger. Crazy tourist under Steindalsfossen waterfall

08 Sep 2016


The pearl of Oldedalen, Kleivafossen

It is not enough to say it is beautiful. Best time to watch it is of course summer. It rich the maximum power in summer. Is fed by the melting glacier Brikdalbreen and this is why is also known under the name Briksdalfossen. How fast the glacier melting down you may imagine yourself when you see the power waterfall transporting 10 000 liters of water in every one second. The path to the glacier leads through the small bridge so close to the waterfall, and it is so easy to feel the power. Everyone walking through the bridge is wet. Even the passengers of the special small trip cars. And yes, this is wort to walk this way. Opportunity to see it from different direction and take the picture if you find some dry place. Below I present the picture taken from three different points. I hope you will like it. The path was built by the farmers between 1927 and 1928. It was a hard work. Respect for them.

Below the picture is link to the short video taken by me. Enjoy it also…

Kleivafossen Kleivafossen Kleivafossen



22 Aug 2016

Kinsarvik valley

I am not sure the name, Kinsa valley or Kinsarvik valley. Who knows, who help me?

Like I wrote it few days ago, I have to write something about Kinsarvik. Small little town, beautiful place for tourists. Big camping in the city, lot of hotels, hostels and private rooms for rent. Quiet, good place. The most beautiful waiting few kilometers far. Everyone can reach the old power plant and the first waterfall. Is the easy part of walk. Some other can reach the second waterfall, but only the most perserve could reach all four waterfalls during the river Kinso. From the second one starts the path through the forest, and is not easy. I reach the third one, only. So starting from the first it is Tveitafossen with the building of an old power plant. The second one waterfall it is Nyastolfossen. The third, big one it is Nykkjesøyfossen, and higher and far is the last one, Søtefossen. Magical hike between the all waterfalls is worth to recommend. I was so surprised. Of course the water flows downward from the Hardangervidda National Park and is crystal clean and so cold. Nice tip for the weekend trip if you are in Hordaland. This is the Kinsarvik valley, (or Kinsa Valley).

I hope this short description can encourage someone to visit this place. I hope and I wish you all to have a good time.

The first picture show the first waterfall Tveitafossen

Kinsarvik valley waterfalls

The second picture shows probably the last two waterfalls. It looks like one big, but is only illusion

Kinsarvik valley waterfalls

So, if you read this text it means my blog is useful for You. I have a question for You all. Is there some place in Norway which you want to see on my pictures here?

It is important for me, please write some comments below with the destinations you want to see.

03 Aug 2016

Seven sisters

Seven sisters waterfall, Geiranger

It was just for few minutes on morning and I was one of the happy to take the picture. Amazing fog cloud over the Seven Sisters waterfall. The day before I tried to walk long stony path through the forest to rich the full view on this waterfall, but the weather was so bad and I have to go back. Maybe next time. This is the view from the view point.

Seven sisters waterfall, Geiranger

06 Jun 2016

Still strong Fossenbratte

Obligatory break on the road to Hardanger. Still strong Fossenbratte.

I love this waterfall. Like You see on the picture it is situated perfectly. Surrounded by the wooded mountains, falling down to the beautiful small valley. Beauty in every season, even in winter, but the most perfect appearance is in the deep fall time. The trees around wearing the red/yellow dress, and the scenery remind fairytail illustration. Here is the summer, still strong Fossenbratte.

Still strong Fossenbratte